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    你必須知道的新字:Nusantaria 東南亞的海洋國度


    歷史作家Philip Bowring長居香港,2019年他在新書《風之帝國》中創造了「Nusantaria」的概念,來表達歷史上以海洋為中心,位於東南亞的文化世界。台灣、菲律賓、印尼、馬來西亞和越南都是Nusantaria的一部分

    Empire of the Winds: The Global Role of Asia's Great Archipelago

    Nusantaria - often referred to as 'Maritime Southeast Asia' - is the world's largest archipelago and has, for centuries, been a vital cultural and trading hub. Nusantara, a Sanskrit, then Malay, word referring to an island realm, is here adapted to become Nusantaria - denoting a slightly wider world but one with a single linguistic, cultural and trading base. Nusantaria encompasses the lands and shores created by the melting of the ice following the last Ice Age. These have long been primarily the domain of the Austronesian-speaking peoples and their seafaring traditions. The surrounding waters have always been uniquely important as a corridor connecting East Asia to India, the Middle East, Europe and Africa. In this book, Philip Bowring provides a history of the world's largest and most important archipelago and its adjacent coasts. He tells the story of the peoples and lands located at this crucial maritime and cultural crossroads, from its birth following the last Ice Age to today.